Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas morning at our house is full of excitment!! I am so lucky that I have 2 boy's that like to sleep in, we actually had to wake the boy's up this year. It made it fun to hae church on Christmas this year, and since our meeting started at 10:00am, we had to get up and moving in order to make it.

It is always so fun to watch as the boy's each take turns coming down the hall ad into the front room where the presents are. When they enter the room the pure excitment on their faces as they look for their piles from Santa. This year each of the boy's got a football jersey from their favorite football teams, Jake got alot of fun hunting gear, and Jackson got a Fathead of Troy Polomalu for his wall.

After opening our gifts we got ready for church and had a wonderful sacrament meeting. It was such a great way to spend Christmas, sitting in the chapple, remembering the true meaning of this holiday season. When church was over we went up to Grandma and Grandpa Bott's and Skinners. It was so nice to spend a bit of time with each of them today.

Soon we were on our way back home to enjoy each other as a family. We ended the day watching a fun movie that Grandma Cleo had given us for Christmas, curled up in our new Minky blankets. This is the way I enjoy ending most nights, snuggled up with the ones I love!!
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Bott's

This year before the prsents began, we spent some time visiting and eating at Grandpa and Grandma Bott's. Uncle Blake had to work, so we wanted to wait for him to get there as well. We as a family, have carried on the same tradition as my Grandma Bott had. We have the same things to eat before we start with the presents.
This year my Mom and Dad decided that my Dad was going to read the Christmas story from the scriptures and then the kids were going to stand and sing Christmas Caroles once we all were gathered and before the gift exchange began. I can remeber doing this same thing at my Grandpa and Grandma Bott's house when I was younger also.

Once the gift exchange began, it was so fun to watch as everyone's face would light up and to hear the simple word's of gratitude among family member's. This was such a fun night and many laughs were shared between us all. I am always so excitted to hear the poems that my Dad write's for every one of us. They are always comical and always bring laughter to the room.

After the gifts's we exchange our cookies and load up our treasures, and head in our seperate directions. Before leaving we all express our thanks again, share hugs and express our love for each other. I know that this is the real gift of the night. As we all are busy with our day to day lives, I am always most greatful for these simple moments that we get to share with the ones we love the most. Merry Christmas to all, and may our lives be blesse by the love of our Savior and the gift of this season in which he has given us all!!!!

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Ice Candle Tradition

This is such a very special tradition that we have. I know that it is the Holiday Season when we take the time to go and visit the graves of loved one's, and wish them a Merry Christmas. This year was a bit chaotic as we were having a Christmas gathering at the Huntsville house, with Gary's family. It was getting late into the night and we had planned to do the ice candles after the gathering. As the night got later and other distractions kept arising, there was talk that we would forgo the Ice Candle Tradition this year. This was not ok with me, I gathered Travis and my boy's ad stated that we were going to the cemetary.

I could'nt bare to see such a special tradition forgotten. It was so special to see Travis's brother's and sister gather their families and follow to the car's and to the cemetary. Once at the cemetary we began as usual to place our ice candles around the grave's of Travis Father Richard Toone, as well as Grandpa Clair's. These are 2 very Amazing and Special men. As we placed the candles around the graves, it was so nice to see Cleo walk up to the grave's as well, and join us all as a family at this very special place.

Once the candles were placed and lit, we all began to sing our Christmas carols to Grandpa Toone and Grandpa Clair. On this night their was such a special feeling to me as we all sang. I could feel the love of family! I know that Grandpa Clair and Richard were watching as we met together and spent a few special minuets, together as a FAMILY!!! Some things will change in our lives, that is a given. But this Tradition to me will always be, and will always be one of the most special things I do to celebrate the Christmas Season!!! We love you Grandpa Toone/Richard/ Dad and Grandpa Clair!! We miss you every year!!!
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jackson's Reflection's Win

Jackson placed 2nd with his Football Story in the Reflections Contest this year!!
He did such a great job! I was so proud of him, as he stood there with his trophy and certificate.

Jackson with some of the other Reflection's winners, waiting fr the picture for the year book.

All the Elementary Refletion winner's posing for the yearbook photo!!
I am so proud of you Little Jack!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Diversity Means....

If I had to think of one word to explain Jake tonight it would be...... TaLeNtEd!!!
Tis is the Project that Jake made for his Reflections Contest Entry for this year. He did all of the little pieces in the states. He made them with his sculpy clay, and has such talent in molding and sculpting. He is so excited that this project is done as well. I am excitted to see how well he does with this project!!
Way to go Jake! You are so talented and I hope that you continue to imporove this talent through out the rest of your life!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This year since my Grandma Lu has een having health issues, we decided to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom and Dad and Grandpa and Grandma skinner. It was a really special day for us all. My brother Blake came as wel as my Uncle Randy Skinner to spend the day with us as well.

We had such great food this year, as always. My Dad always makes such a great turkey, and this year since Travis and Jake shot a couple of wild turkeys in New Mexico, my Dad cooked one of them up as well. It was really good tasting, and I really enjoyed it because it was darker meat. (My favorite) It was sucha nice dinner to just sit around and enjoy with each other. My family is so special to me and to spend this day with them ment alot to me.

When I reflect on what I am Thankful for in my life, Family is number 1. I dont know were I would be had I not had the parents that I did growing up. They were great examples to me, as to family being everything. I can remembr so many times when my family went out of their way for me. I truely hope that I canbe the parent to my boys, that my parents have been to me and my brother's.

My life is so blessed and I am so Thankful for all I have in it. I am so Thankful for my family, my boys and for the blessing I have to be a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My faith and my testimony have helped me through so many trials in my life, and I am so blessed.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jackson Looses a Tooth

I cant believe that Jackson is big enough to be loosing teeth. He went in the bathroom tonight and next thing I knew he came walking into the front room holding his tooth!

He is so excited that he pulled this tooth out all on his own. He feels so big now, and cant wait for the Tooth Fairy to come. He did write the Tooth Fairy a letter asking if he could keep his tooth though. So cute!!!

Love this cute smile!!!